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World Cement Sector met in Istanbul for the 100th Meeting of INTERCEM Conferences


Founded in 1985, INTERCEM is established as the leading conference resource for the cement industry. For 34 years the meeting has been providing market-leading networking opportunities, the highest quality insight, analysis and market forecasts, and exhibitions showing the best cutting-edge technology for the cement industry.

The 100th Meeting of INTERCEM Conferences took place on 24-26 June 2019 at Istanbul Hilton Bomonti Hotel. Cement, Glass, Ceramic and Soil Products Exporters Association took place as a main partner at INTERCEM Conference with Cement Industry Employers' Association (CEIS) and Turkey Cement Manufacturers Association (TCMA). INTERCEM Istanbul brought the cement producers, traders, shippers, equipment and service providers, consultants and 400 industry representatives, including analysts, international delegates and top executives from 42 countries.

The opening speeches of the two-day conference were done by Deputy Minister of Trade Tuna Turagay, Chairman of TIM İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TCMA Nihat Özdemir and Chairman of CEIS Suat Çalbıyık. Feyyaz Ünal, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cement, Glass, Ceramics and Soil Products Exporters' Association, shared the vision of the sector with the participants with his presentation at the conference. World-famous Turkish architect Murat Tabanlıoğlu participated in the conference and made a presentation about urban life.

Meetings were held with many senior participants, industry representatives and conference partners at the stand of Turkish Cement. Participants who visited the stand were informed about the Turkish cement sector and the companies. On the evening 25th June, sector representatives came together at the Gala Dinner hosted by Turkish Cement at Shangri-La Hotel and Murat Kaynak Orchestra accompanied the event.

With the goal of increasing Turkish cement export, Turkish Cement which closely follows the International INTERCEM Cement Conferences and actively participates, has contributed to the promotion of both the sector and Turkey in the international arena by hosting the 100th meeting. The 100th INTERCEM Istanbul Conference is important in terms of understanding Turkey’s accurate transfer of international relations, emphasizing that our country is a reliable trading partner for foreign business people and promoting our country and the cement industry at international level as well as being a significant opportunity for generating the common ground where business relations and commercial agreements were established.

In addition to sharing of the most up-to-date information about the industry and forecasts, the INTERCEM Istanbul Conference provided unique opportunities for the participants to analyze the historical context of the cement industry, the progress in production techniques, the environmental impacts and the social responsibility acts to understand what the process could lead to.