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Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group attends to MIPIM between 11th and 14th of March


Confirming its prominent presence in the world ceramics production, Turkey, represented by Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group, attends for the first time to MIPIM 2014 (International Real Estate Show for Professionals, 11-14/03/2014 Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France).

By having the strengths from its rich history which dates back to 8.000 years of production know-how, today Turkish Ceramic Industry is one of the leading in the world, as being the number one sanitaryware exporter, and number three tiles exporter in Europe. By the end of the 2013 Turkey reached more than 1 billion $ of total ceramics products exportation, with more than 606 million $ of which are tiles exportation and more than 204 million of which are sanitaryware exportation.

Turkey can be seen as the ‘land of ceramics’. These traditions have been colored by the many different civilizations that have evolved in the Anatolian region. In addition to this cultural history, geography has played an important role. The abundance of natural resources in Anatolia ensures high quality ceramic products and these raw materials are also exported for ceramic production outside Turkey.

Turkish Ceramic Industry is getting stronger every year with its companies having big visions which are engaging in big partnering’s or acquisitions with the important European ceramic companies.

Since Turkish ceramic production was industrialized in the 1950s, the country has rapidly increased its share in the world ceramics market and is now a global competitor in the production of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. And these last years industry is getting even bigger by acquiring or partnering big European ceramic companies.

Turkish Ceramic Promotion Group on behalf of the industry is aiming to reach architects to increase the awareness and the image of the Turkish Ceramics.

Germany, UK, Iraq, Israel and Azerbaijan are the top 5 countries that Turkish Ceramic Companies exporting its goods. Within these countries UK market has a great important to reach the Project market through architects therefore Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group has increased its promotional activities in UK to present better the capabilities of the Turkish Ceramic Companies.

Turkish Ceramic Companies are developing world standard brands by creating innovative products through integrating high quality, good design and latest technology.

Today many Turkish Ceramic products are valued by the important design awards like Red Dot or IF Design awards as a result of its distinctive design approach by being able to combine its rich cultural assets with todays’ modern marks. Today most of the Turkish Ceramic products regards to guarantee the best end user experience by providing various product features.


Turkishceramics is the promotion group for ceramic manufacturers and exporters in Turkey. Representing over 30 individual companies, the group’s mission is to raise awareness of Turkish ceramics internationally and communicate the quality of Turkish ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. Ceramic production in Turkey has a long history and rich tradition, with the first ceramics being created in Anatolia over 8000 years ago. Turkish ceramic producers are proud to continue this tradition of innovation today with a creative approach and a broad range of products for both the professional and consumer markets.

For more information, www.turkishceramics.com